The Advertising Agency Team

The Black Robot Advertising Agency team is a small and powerful team of super creatives, entrepreneurs and project managers. Easy-going by nature but brutal in effectiveness. Each of us have a dynamism that compliments one another. Robots, obviously! This boils down to the activeness of our energetic personalities and our strategic planning for world domination!

Black Robot Advertising Core Member Team

  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    “What’s wrong with being a serial entrepreneur? – Let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances.

    Brett has over 13 year’s business ownership and management experience. He is a true entrepreneur with an unquenched thirst for knowledge and a deep desire to surround himself with innovative thinkers and trendsetters.

    Brett has a unique and innovative outlook on business in general and has always been enthusiastic for projects that are highly innovative and have the ability to stir mass appeal.

    Brett possesses exceptional leadership qualities and plays a key role in each of his varied business activities. His creative mind and adaptable nature allow him to see and understand a broad spectrum, whilst never being afraid to learn or be taught something new.

    Brett began his small event management and brand development business in 2000, after a meaningful gap year abroad. The company Talentattack was instrumental in setting the standard in experiential event production and had worked with many of the top brands around South Africa. Talent Attack is now a brand development agency providing high impact concepts for many well known South African companies and Individuals. Talentattack further progressed into public television by launching Talentattack TV Productions, beginning with the conceptualizing and producing of the SABC1 flagship reality show about entrepreneurship – Rize Mzansi, an international award winning series.

    Brett has now turned his attention to black robot, a small but powerful advertising agency, black robot is based in Hyde Park and is adding top accounts to its family at a rapid pace.

    Brett is an ultimate people’s person and problem solver. Brand development and people management is his passion and has the ability and foresight to communicate each of his endeavours on a level that is meaningful, intimate and effective.

    He is a true entrepreneur and is ready to leave his mark in this world.”

  • Founder and Chief Creative Officer

    Andrew Moritz has over 13 years experience in the advertising / marketing and design world, along with strong retail and point of sale / call to action design. Leaving college in 1998, where he studied Graphic Design and Business Management as well as Photography, he landed a job at a small but top-class Advertising Agency in Johannesburg South Africa where he grew to be Studio Manager and Head Designer.

    Andrew has worked on many different accounts from retail to FMCG and has an uncanny way of getting the right message across through visually stimulating and streamlined designs and marketing messages, which entice the viewer to engage in the product in whichever way necessary.

    Delivering cutting edge and up to date design and marketing material is something that Andrew strives for and words like attention to detail and perfection are key words in his vocabulary.

    Andrew along with Brett Rory Lipman created Black Robot Advertising in 2009, an innovative and client focused advertising agency based in Hyde Park Johannesburg. Building an ever impressive list of clients Black Robot is well on its way to becoming a force within the advertising world, with fresh ideas and innovative design skills As well as a strong focus on innovation into the world of digital, social and online marketing.

    This experience gained has given Andrew a strong insight into how to build a brand from the bottom up. This knowledge, understanding and experience that Andrew brings to the team is extremely important towards the success of the agency.

  • Strategy and Business Development

    Nicola is a Marketing & Brand Strategist with over 20 years marketing experience across various industries including transport, aviation, financial services, insurance, business software, telecommunications, electronics, chemicals, health & fitness, records & storage management, retail and many more.

    She has over the years been fortunate to work on top brands including the following top South African corporates:

    Absa Corporate
    August 1996 – August 2000
    Marketing Manager

    Absa Group
    August 2000 – May 2004
    General Manager Marketing for the Affluent Market

    June 2004 – April 2007
    Chief Marketing Officer for South Africa & Australia

    Nicola holds various marketing & communication qualifications, including her Chartered Marketer South Africa.  She also has a Post Graduate from Wits Business School.

  • Managing Director – Cape Town

    Richard has a passion for people… How they think, what they buy, where they go, who they associate with, what drives them, what inspires them and many more questions boggle his mind. With this never ending nag in his brain, he constantly seeks new challenges through business and everyday life.

    Richard has been involved with many successful, start-up companies for the past 12 years. Starting from when he was still at school (16 years old) he built strong brands as he went through life. The past 5 years have seen the accomplishment of new concepts being publication, work abroad & skills development (on and offline) that had to break into their respective markets with their unique marketing strategies. Recently he has been focusing on international markets which have widened his scope and vision. At his young age, his business drive is as strong as his passion for life in which he savours each moment.

    Two of his most recent successes have come in the form attracting an international market to South Africa & developing the local Superyacht crew training industry. First starting out with an exclusive online internship agency for 3 years, he orchestrated a merge with another smaller Internship and Volunteer company. Together the 2 companies formed a bigger platform in which to offer a range of work experience placements throughout the country. This successful growth sped up the climb and they grew to see their biggest competitors falling behind them. After the success of his online international work experience marketing companies (which he sold in March 2009), he started a Superyacht Crew Training Academy. This quickly jumped up the training centres ladder and has now become the leader in Superyacht Training and preparation in South Africa. The success is mainly attributed to the superior online marketing, top customer service and quality training. He has now taken his internet savvy and knowledge to new heights. This in the form of his developing an umbrella company, which houses all brands and products that he runs.

    Now looking for new challenges, he takes his understanding and business confidence to new challenges.

  • Account Manager – Cape Town

    Having started his working career from a young age, Conrad took to business like a fish to water and excelled in various challenging industries throughout his lifetime, ultimately leading to a management position at each stop. Initially leaving Cape Town’s beautiful shores for the U.S.A followed by the U.K, he returned to further his studies within the Bcom Marketing field and subsequently stayed to pursue a career locally.

    The thought of being “just an employee” wasn’t good enough for Conrad and his enquiring business mind, competitive nature & keen interest in sales psychology eventually got the better of him and lead him down the entrepreneur path, later giving birth to multiple successful companies. Having travelled extensively and working for some well known international brands including Carnival Cruise Lines, Virgin & LA Fitness, he has gained invaluable first-hand knowledge and insight into the way major international companies operate and build their particular brands. Conrad can be seen working at the forefront of each of the brands and provides Black Robot Advertising with a unique advantage in account management.

  • Designer

    Isaac handle’s print related projects and dabbles in digital. He has learned a great deal in the design industry and has gained complete confidence in what he does, he is always striving to improve whether it’s design or other aspects of his life. Isaac is a conceptual thinker who more then often dreams in CMYK. He enjoys movies and music and he’s passionate about what he does and can use keyboard shortcuts at light speed, blindfolded but can barely type a paragraph of text without staring at his keyboard.

    He is a graphic designer with a variety of experience and he’s maturity and eagerness to create meaningful, effective designs makes him a talented and well rounded designer.

  • media Assistant

    Mary-Ann has a great love for Business and Entrepreneurship and an increasing love for the advertising industry. Even though she is usually perceived to be a Lawyer, she would rather be a Business Lawyer because anything with the word “Business” makes her career look even brighter.

    Mary-Ann’s multitasking abilities are absolutely outstanding and she has the ability to find creative solutions to a situation. Mary-Ann offers a very cool approach to the sometimes highly stressful world of advertising.

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