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Serial Entrepreneurs, ummmm, YES!

We are proud of what we have accomplished over the past 4 years. We have built a growing, innovative, creative business on a philosophy and set of ideals that challenges today’s inflated, misguided branding practices. We have proved that expert, strategic branding and design can be delivered in less time and at half the costs championed by traditional ad agencies, marketing companies and design firms.

You would think we would be content to enjoy our positioning space for a bit, but think again! We are pushing our vision further by filling large gaps within multiple marketplace’s for true concept ideation, acceleration and engineering.

These are our current brand properties:

  • crowd funding platform for South African's

    Launch Date: 1 April 2013
    Stage: Start-Up Stage

    A funding platform for South African’s by South African’s

    Got a short film or TV program idea? Invented a new computer game? Have an idea for an app you just know will be the next Angry Birds?

    Are you a bedroom DJ working on that mix CD that will have everyone rocking; a graphic designer with an idea for the new summer season interior designs a major furniture retailer will NEED to stock; a designer with the next must-have leisure item that will re-invent the bean bag; a technical mind?  Maybe you’ve been dreaming up the next smartphone, you’ve made a prototype, it’s as big as a brick, but anyone you show is amazed.  If only you could make it smaller…

    A portal that’s been created to help you launch your ideas to success, launchable provides the means to get your creative work out there. Whatever it is that you’ve been dying to get going but just haven’t had the backing or exposure to start, launchable will help you make it happen.

    Now, if you’re lucky – and presenting an eye-catching page with mouth-watering rewards will bring you luck – the creators (that’s us) will ‘share’ you with our community.

    If backers like your idea, they’ll back you by wanting to put money in.  If your creative baby can’t reach its creative funding goal by the set time, then the backers back out.  It’s all or nothing.

    And if you get it right, you’ll be launched straight to the top!

  • Products, Ideas, Brands, Creations and other Pretty Darn Cool stuff

    Launch Date: 1 August 2012
    Stage: Start-Up Stage – Monetization

    Well its obvious isn’t it. Pretty Darn Cool, is just that! Pretty darn Cool!

    Find, share and buy pretty darn cool stuff. Pretty Darn Cool offers a vast collection of niche products and brands available to purchase at a touch of a button.

    Those items you love so much, but are unable to find can now be found at your fingertips. Whilst browsing our awesome database of unique products, you can upload and share your unique finds with our online community of avid lovers and appreciators of clever and cool gadgets, stylish artwork, unique items and more.

    Half pin board, shopping store, magazine and wishlist, Pretty Darn Cool is hands down the most unique place to buy cool things. Use us to get that something special!

  • Mr Casino Bonuses - Casino Bonus Codes and Reviews

    Launch Date: 1 May 2012
    Stage: Growth Stage

    Mr Casino Bonuses is the ultimate casino bonus and casino review portal

    We pride ourselves on being the MR of all casino bonuses offering deposit and no deposit games including Slots, Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat, Keno and more.

    Mr Casino Bonuses maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date list of reputable online casinos. We strive to provide online players with a valuable resource in selecting which online casinos to play. We offer in-depth analysis and reviews of listed casinos, including credibility, payment options, bonus information, and more. Be a casino bonus MR!

    We cater for each and every players needs from online casinos and deposit bonuses. Why not select your favourite casino game including slots, blackjack, poker, craps,baccarat, roulette, bingo or bonus type such as cashback casino, high roller and free casino money.

    Mr Casino Bonuses will help find the best casino bonus suited to your playing style.

We only work with the best! So be sure to contact us to discuss your advertising requirements, business concepts or ideas. Or read more about who we arewhat we doour methodology or the team.

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  1. By Raquel
    The Advertising Agency Team

    I would really like to submit my CV to your company! Super cool website. Please let me know where i can send it :)


  2. By Shelina
    What we do

    Hi… do you do signage at offices… We recently rebranded and need signage internal and external… Also need to create some pamphlets. Thanks

  3. By blackrobot
    What we do

    Hi Roberto, thanks for your enquiry but we have an internal team managed by our digital stratgeist whom performs all online SEM and SEO.

  4. By Roberto
    What we do

    Hi I would like to inquire if your company would be interested in our on line marketing for your selves and your clients. We offer SEM and SEO.
    Kind regards

  5. By Horseshoe Agency
    Black Robot Advertising Agency and Brand Development Studio

    The site looks great but looking forward to seeing a new design and showcase what you guys can do.

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