Name: Mary-Ann Lerato Nyandeni
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About me: Mary-Ann is a model and has been modelling ever since she was 5 years old and is currently still a model, and has a diplomatic qualification in modelling. Mary-Ann has a certificate in English poetry and Diploma in African poetry. Mary-ann is a contemporary, hip-hop and kwaito dancer. Mary-Ann loves writing close to everything including poetry, lyrics, rap, script writing and hand-graphic writing. Her passion for art is gladly overwhelming as she has been a participant in a workshop called "Power in the voice" during high school. Mary-Ann has a great love for Business and Entrepreneurship. Even though she is usually perceived to be a Lawyer, she would rather be a Business Lawyer because anything with the word "Business" makes her career look even brighter. Her special talents are singing and motivational speaking "To make the negative very positive". Mary- Ann loves cars and knows which ones would make her list.Small secret: her favourite car is a Mercedes Benz AMG CL65 OR C63, class is her middle name if not multitalented.

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